Importance of AI in Image Processing

Importance of AI in Image Processing

The basic photo editing techniques are available in even simple editing programs, and each can enhance your images to make them more powerful and share worthy. Advanced editing software will offer these basic tools and will also include refinements that allow you to do more sophisticate editing that’s outside the scope of this article.

The easiest photos to edit, of course, are ones taken by a skilled photographer who takes time to get exceptional shots in the field. To start learning how to get the best shots, consider taking a hands-on photography course.

Photo editing programs: Options include advanced and expensive pro programs, free open-source online options, and often your camera comes with basic editing software as well. If you get a more advanced program, consider whether you want one that’s cloud-based (a monthly fee) or you want the standalone version (a one-time purchase price). Cloud-based programs stay up to date, and let you store photos in the cloud (an added expense). You can also edit in the field with a tablet or a mobile version of the software, but that assumes you have online connectivity. If you compare pricing over time, though, buying a standalone version of an editing program will usually save you money.

Understand the difference between “non-destructive” and “destructive” editing: Some editing software automatically preserves your originals—non-destructive editing. Others save edited images over originals—destructive editing. Editing involves trial and error, and you need to be able to return to an original file if you make a mistake. So make sure you know if your editing program makes copies of your originals. If it doesn’t, then make a copy of all images you plan to edit before you begin.

Importing and Sorting Photos: A beautiful thing about digital photography is you can take multiple shots to increase the odds of getting some spectacular ones. So, your first step after you transfer and organize your images on your computer is to review them to decide which ones to edit.